Axcera Product Line from L to R: Innovator CX Low Power, Solid State UHF and VHF Television Transmitter/Translator/Low Delay, Echo-Canceling Repeater; 6X Series High Power, Liquid-Cooled, Solid State UHF Television Transmitter; Innovator HX High Power, Air-Cooled, Solid State UHF and VHF Transmitter; Visionary Series High Power Air or Liquid-Cooled IOT Transmitter; 5720 Series Discrete MMDS Transmitter.
Broadcast Transmitter Services
TV transmitters, translators & low delay echo-canceling gap fillers; All major digital TV and mobile media standards supported: ATSC/ATSC Mobile DTV, DVB-T/T2/H/SH, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB; more
MMDS Transmitter Services 
Discrete & broadband transmitters; EBS/BRS/WCS systems;
backup systems; gap fillers; system integration & site transition; more

UBS-Axcera offers total customer service and support of Axcera legacy products. Our support group includes a team of experienced Field Service Technicians standing by to assist you in resolving any service issues that may occur during the life of your transmitter.

UBS-Axcera also offers complete system integration and installation services making sure that your transmitter meets all of your requirements and functions properly with any existing equipment you may have.

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